This agreement is between Jeannie Blinson Photography + Portrait Design, and the Client detailed below. The Client understands that he/she is responsible for all parties involved with the portrait session.  If there is an individual involved in the portrait session who does not agree to these terms, the Client below assumes responsibility for any liability. 
* Cooperation: You agree to be cooperation and communicate well with us. This includes well rested, fed children and cooperative, cheerful adults. We are not responsible for lost photo opportunities due to uncooperative subjects (especially adults!).

*Safety: Your child’s safety is your responsibility.  Photographer is not responsible for any injuries inflicted upon any participating parties. Client(s) will be responsible for their children and for themselves and release photographer from any claims against their person or their business .Including: safety while on/using a prop,  being vigilant about safety while outdoors during a portrait session-including bug bites, poisonous plants and animals in the area, and also assuring that their child is not destructive toward the photographer or to Jeannie Blinson Photography and Portrait Design's  property.

*Location: If requesting a location outside of the photographer’s normal shooting locations, the client is responsible for all location fees and necessary permits.

*Cancellation/Sick Policy: A 48 hour notice is required for studio sessions and on-location sessions within the greater Raleigh area; a 7 day notice is required  for Limited Edition Sessions (e.g. Storybook Santa, Beach Sessions, Easter Sessions). With the appropriate cancellation notice, your retainer will be transferred to a future session. However, limited edition opportunities will likely be gone until the following year (for instance, Storybook Santa is a one day only event). Please call us if you child exhibits any signs of sickness. Depending on their symptoms, we may reschedule your session. If we choose to cancel your session, we will apply 100% of your retainer to your rescheduled session date.

*Late policy: We will NOT make another client wait because you were late. Some late arrivals may force us to reschedule your appointment, forfeiting your retainer completely.
Your images will be ready to view within 10-12 business days. We will schedule a time for you to come view your heirloom portraits in the studio. Please have all decision makers present at the appointment and plan to leave little ones at home as this is a very boring process to them. This ordering appointment is very helpful, especially for those who have a tough time making decisions swiftly and efficiently. Ordering appointments last up to 90 minutes, and allow us to help you narrow down your selections and make a plan for displaying your art. If a decision isn't made at the initial ordering appointment additional ordering sessions are available for $75.00.
Effective February 15, 2017, portrait sessions must be ordered within 3 months from the session date. Sessions not ordered within three months will be deleted permanently and your retainer will be lost. Once an order is placed, ordered images are archived for three years, all unordered images will be deleted permanently after 3 months. You have the option to archive your unordered images for an additional 9 months (giving you one year from the session date) for a $75 archival fee.  This fee does NOT apply to any future orders, it is strictly a storage fee. If you request to archive your images, your request must be submitted via email before the original 3 months are up.
If any amount of your retainer remains after your session fee and applicable online gallery fees have been deducted, the balance will be applied to your order. Any further investment will require at least a 50% deposit upon ordering, with balance due at portrait delivery.  A payment plan is available for orders over $1,000.00. Please inquire for details.  
Average portrait delivery for tabletop prints is 3-4 weeks. Wall portraits, custom framing, albums, etc. may take longer. Please get a quote on estimated delivery time if you are working within a time constraint. Once you have been notified that your portraits are ready, we will schedule a studio pickup. You have the option to have tabletop portraits, 8x10 and smaller, shipped directly to your home for a $10 shipping fee. All portrait orders over $3,000.00 will be  Framed portraits will need to be picked up at the studio or a personal delivery can be arranged for a fee.
Scanning and/or reproducing your images without a legal print release is a violation of national and state copyright law, and is punishable up to $10,000 per instance. Creating screenshots of the images in your online gallery also violates copyright and is enforceable by national and state copyright law as well. If we tagged your image on social media, please feel free to use it as your profile picture as well as share it with your friends and family. If you re-share the image, please be sure to tag the studio's business page. However, DO NOT EVER CROP OUT THE STUDIO LOGO, edit and/or add a filter to the image (e.g.Instagram/pic collage). As a small business owner, social media is a main form of advertising to help gain new clients and run a successful business.  If you can't respect it for that reason,  just understand that it is simply not nice. 
I understand and agree that by typing my name in the box below and pressing 'send', I am executing this agreement.
Note for Client: If you would like a copy of this form for your records, please print this page before clicking 'Send' below.

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